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Some dates are downgraded and do not have an attractive economic value. Mr Montassar launched an initiative aimed at promoting these varieties of dates and these results were very interesting and encouraging as well on the industrial, economic, social, and particularly on the environmental level.

From his graduation in 2017, he never stopped participating in forums, and training and doing the research necessary to develop products with high quality and save the oasis of his region and help their farmers.


He offers technical support for oasis farmers, makes small agricultural tools and machines available to oasis farmers, works according to the concept of traceability and integrated value chain of oasis products and creates new products with high added value from unexploited natural resources. These products, characteristic by their natural and known geographic origin based on oasis resources, offers a good solution to confront and minimize the effect of pollution for the Gabés region.


Montassar, not only integrated a Moringa culture into the oasis ecosystem, he also succeed in developing the millet plant in the form of Flour valorizing the oasis olive oil as a specific olive oil with excellent chemical and taste characteristics

He also invented a coffee based on date kernels which can be an alternative for traditional coffee since it is naturally decaffeinated, very rich in fiber and minerals and a solution for diabetics since it helps regulate their glycemic rate, a date syrup that can be a natural sweetener for hot and cold drinks and an aroma for our food preparations (yogurt, juice, pancake, …) and a powder of pomegranate peels which is a solution for gastric problems.



    • 2012-2013: Member of the Oasis des Sciences Métouia association.
    • September 2014: Founding member and President of the Club oasis of sciences and atmospheres at the higher school of agriculture of Mateur.
    • June 2013: Founder, president of the ‘Bio-oasis science club ’.
    • January 2015: Founder and organizer of the first, second and third edition of the ESAM EXPO 2015, 2016 and 2017 agriculture, machinery and agri-food fair at the Mateur Higher School of Agriculture.
    • January 2018: Member of the organizing committee of the « First Citizen Preforum of Education » which was held in Gabes from February 8 to 10, 2018.
    • January 2019: President of the « Oasis des sciences » association
    • Member of Tunisian Scouts
    • As a member of many associations and clubs he volunteered to supervise, guide and mentor many young people several times. 

– Product innovation trophy, from the International Date and Palm Forum

– Prize for the best project at the « Regional Forum to Support Entrepreneurship in the Development of Bioresources in Dry Areas ».


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– Pressreader

Career timeline

– August-December 2017: Executive Director of the basic mutual society of agricultural services SMBSA « Hidous ».

– January 2018: Member of the board of directors of the mutual agricultural services company SMSA « PARCOM ».

– February 2018: President of the regional committee of young engineers of Gabés within the Order of Tunisian Engineers.

– March-April 2018: Junior Crop Manager at the Tunisian-Dutch company « Desert Joy »

– February 2019: President of the regional committee of young farmers of Gabés within the Tunisian farmers’ union « Synagri »

– September 2017-January 2020: Manager of the start-up « les délices de l’oasis »

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