Meher Khelifi

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Creation of the platform « Ahmini ».

Incorporation of 10.000 rural women in the program (until March 2020).

Ahmini Initiative obtained the Start up Act label in Tunisia.


Despite all the bullying attempts he was exposed to, despite the number of times his project faced rejection, Maher believed there’s something waiting for him in the future and he had to work harder and harder to get what he wanted. Being optimistic, never complaining, having faith in himself and being brave no matter what obstacles he faces are his life mottos. The guy believed that wherever people complain, there’s always opportunity. His mother’s death was tragic, but he had brought himself from where he’d seen it start going into depression all the way out of it. It had become his source of motivation and the beginning of that feeling that makes someone so ambitious to get to his life objective. He never wanted to see other women suffer the way his late mother did. Maher knew adventures were waiting on the road and he loved challenge. So, he was ready for any obstacle. «Tomorrow is new. Make the move, make action ». No matter how long it would take to achieve his goal, the perseverant young man was ready to face any problem and to repeat the same process over and over again. He wouldn’t let failure be his top fear or a setback to decide who he is and make him see himself as a loser. But instead, he appreciates every setback, every rock on the way, every mountain climbed makes him a better person. He never gives up.

Rural women are the crown jewel of agriculture. They work their fingers to the bones but hide their moans while working on farms and plantations. Enough is enough. They led a life of tears but no one knew. Something worthwhile like Maher’s project must be done and now to glorify those women and exude our pride in them.

“It is your choice, if you are a member of an association, an organization or a social enterprise to serve a noble social perspective. That was my choice. Every human being has his social responsibility, and when I serve these women, thinking always about my mother, I am the happiest man on earth. » ~Meher Khelifi.

  • *Winner of the MIT Lebanon MENA Area competition

    *VIVATECH Paris competition Winner

    *HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Most oustanding innovative project competition winner.

    * Winner at “I Have an Idea” Competition by “Tunisie Telecom” and “Express FM” – 2017

    * Winner of “BloomMasters” Competition from the BIAT Foundation – 2018

    * Winner at the Social Business Bootcamps, Alinov, Algeria. Best Social Project in Africa – 2017


Ahmini Platform

Ahmini Process

Career timeline

At a young age, Meher khleifi took one year off to serve in the national military service which completely changed his life, his behavior and the way he sees the world. After two months, his mother’s death, which was too hard for him, was the first step in his life change as he decided to leave for the capital Tunis. On February 22, 2017 he decided to participate in an entrepreneurial competition and he won the jury’s prize for his project « Rural Tunisian Women », then he participated in an international competition in Algeria and he won the title of « the best social project in Africa ». He was then nominated to the finale of « I Have an idea » and, thanks to his determination and strong will, he won the prize of « Express FM » and « Tunisie Telecom » which is 20.000 dinars.

On May 05, 2018 despite his poor English, he won also a 100.000 dinars in « BloomMasters » competition, then he started a state of negotiations with the ministry of Women and social affairs to stand by him.

 In 2018, he launched his initiative « ahmini » (or « protect-me ») which is a platform that offers to rural Tunisian women a social security system in addition to outreach and prevention. This platform facilitates the life of rural women and offers them a social durable protection, it improves their life conditions and participates in their empowerment for the emergence of a dynamic and durable economy and the eradication of poverty in rural areas.

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