Amine Riahi

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In September 2017, Amine co-founded the Startup Epilert, to contribute to the economic transition of his country. Epilert is a wearable medical device that detects, monitors and predicts the Generalized Tonic-Clonic epilepsy seizure through artificial intelligence. 

Epilert is offering a product which is the bracelet, complemented with two services. The first service that Epilert is providing is the intangible smartphone alert application that sends text alerts to the user’s caregiver(s) when a seizure is detected by the device. This is an important feature of the bracelet as it helps the users to satisfy their main need for alleviating fear. The application works on iOS and Android systems. The second service is the intangible monitoring platform Epidoc for doctors. This platform will allow them to diagnose the seizures cause and better monitor their patients and prescribe them the most-effective medical treatment for their case. Moreover, for the alert application to perform successfully, the bracelet always has to be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This will allow the application to send out alerts in the form of texts to designated parties. With respect to the Epidoc platform, the bracelet stores the user’s health data onto a cloud using IOT sim card technology. For data to be stored into the cloud, the bracelet must be granted Internet access. The company provides software and hardware technical support to its customers through customer service in case of any issues related to the bracelet, application or platform.

The startup was incubated at B@Labs. As a Chief Networking Officer, he contributed to realizing the first prototype, the one that allowed him in 2017 to represent the Startup in various events such as Startup Istanbul in 2018, the Tech & Startup Africa Summit competition 1st edition ranked 1st place (2018) etc.. His innovation is under testing (following the Tunisian law).


The 2011 uprising came during his first year of his undergraduate studies, the year of the Tunisian revolution. The transition from dictatorship to democracy was taking a long process to spread freedom of speech and debate. This atmosphere inspired him to co-found the Tunisian organization of debate (TOD) with several social activists. He assured the role of treasury within the organization. He was responsible for fundraising and sponsorship contracts. Mastering the art of debate and argumentation, with his colleagues, they started coaching students at different higher education institutions in Tunisia. In 2015, they organized the first north African championship of debate in Arabic language. He coached one of the Tunisian teams that failed in the first rounds. Later on, with more coaching and training, the same team participated at Qatar debate international competition in 2015 and was ranked 2nd. He used to be a debater, coach, trainer of trainers and international judge of debate. The three years experience in the association allowed him to transfer his knowledge to other young leaders. The debate allowed him to learn argumentation, public speech and the art of debate. These by his vision are the skills any future young politician should master. 

Video games was one of his passions during his childhood, he participated in the earlier Tunisian national competitions in 2006,2007 and 2008. Once gaming was officially recognized by the Tunisian state, He managed the Armoured Brothers team of League of Legends, that won 3 times in a row the national competition and represented the tunisian E-sports Federation in the international competitions in 2015, 2016 and 2017. As a member of the Tunisian Model Association for the African Union, he had the opportunity to participate in the 29th summit dedicated for youth and reform in Addis Ababa 2017, where Tunisia won the African Union Prize for Youth Development. He also took part in the pre-Summit workshop of the « 4th African Union High-Level Panel on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment ». This experience allowed him to understand the functioning of international relations and diplomacy.


Won the African Union Award for Youth Development 2017

Best team in North Africa at the NACL North African Cyber League 2017

3rd place at Social Entrepreneur Orange 2018 

ranked 1st place at Tech & Startup Africa Summit competition 2018

ranked 1st place at the Digital Health competition at Tunisia 2018

ranked 1st in North Africa and 5th in the MENA region according to the World Economic Forum out of 100 Startups 

ranked 4th at the accelerator program of Draper University of Tim Draper out of 74 (2019)


Career timeline

2017, he co-founded the Startup Epilert, thus contributing to the economic transition of his country. 

He have integrated the incubator B@Labs. As Project Manager, he contributed to realizing the first prototype, the one that allowed him in 2017 to represent the Startup in several events around the world such as Startup Istanbul 2017, BigBooster competition in Lyon, France, where it was ranked 22nd out of 250 startups in the world. 

He also visited Estonia to understand the ecosystem of Startups. Epilert won the third Prize of the 2018 Orange Social Entrepreneur and the first trophy of the Afric Up Pitch Winner competition. He took part as an exhibitor in the Open Innovation Forum in Skolkovo, Russia 2018 and Startup Istanbul 2018. 

According to the world economic forum (WEF), Epilert is ranked first in North Africa and 5th out of 100 Startups in the MENA region, that are helping to change the Arab world.

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