Ferdaws Haouala

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When I was young, I reacted emotionally in the face of challenges.
And each time the words of wisdom I received from my environment (family and friends) made me move beyond that problem.
And when I grew older I found out that each challenge you face points out to a lack of knowledge on that subject.
For example, if you failed math exams that doesn’t mean you are stupid and you are not born to excel at studying that means that you have little or no information about this subject which will logically contribute to failure in the math exams.
The same goes for other problems (friendship, hard work, stress…).
And from that point, each time I faced an obstacle it helped me know more and develop needed skills to move beyond my current limitations.
And in my journey, JCI helped me solve the problem of how to make people engaged, how to deliver your message, how to do public speaking, how to make an event…….
And I am so thankful for JCI’s trainings they helped me build myself even more.
The point that I want you to get is that everyone has the opportunity to work on their self-development through the problems they will encounter
And if you face these challenges and learn from them they will make your life more enjoyable.
Let’s appreciate problems and learn how to turn them into strength.
Even if you don’t know how to start or what to do first our app-project YOUFI will help you with that.

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