Vecosterre Rethinking the fashion industry

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Vecosterre Rethinking the fashion industry

Vecosterre Rethinking the fashion industry

Sustainable fashion ethics and investment opportunities for young fashion designers


Why Vecosterre ?

As clothing is becoming more and more disposable. It has been generating more and more industrial textile waste. Our local organization sought better ways of handling industrial waste while bearing in mind an entrepreneurial mindset as Jaycees and local actors. This is the philosophy behind “vecosterre“.

What’s Vecosterre ?


It’s far from being an overstatement to say that Vecosterre is the first of its kind in the MENA region. The project indeed lives up to its namesake. « Vêtements écologiques pour sauver la terre ». It has mainly sought to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our planet and the

magnitude of industrial waste caused by mass production and consumption of clothes. The main goal of this program is to seek alternatives to this trend and encourage young people to be creative without compromising the future of our planet and to help them invest in the field of sustainable fashion by launching their own startups through coaching and providing the necessary support to become eco-friendly entrepreneurs.


The project evolved over a period of two months. During the first phase 13 participant benefited from workshops animated by experts in the fields of Fashion, sustainable fashion, environment and entrepreneurship. These workshops took place from august 8th to September 3rd and were aimed at educating them about the culture of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in addition to helping them understand the theories and practices of entrepreneurship.

The second phase was a fashion design competition headed by a jury composed of experts in environment, entrepreneurship and fashion. the participants were asked to create ready to wear clothes made from used biodegradable and recyclable materials.

What for?


_ Raise awareness about the impacts of fast fashion, mass production and consumption and to advocate for alternative more eco-friendly production ways.

_ Encourage young fashion designers to be creative without compromising the future of our planet and to invest in this area by launching their own start-ups creating ecological ready-to-wear clothing. This in them

_ Accompany persons through training in the field of environment, entrepreneurship, soft skills and technical / practical workshops in styling and moulding.

– Create economic opportunities of development for young people by helping them receive funds to start their own small businesses and accompanying them through every step in their entrepreneurial journey.